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share your experiences, of wanting to be a vegetarian, or being a vegetarian...

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Date Created:29/01/2005
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Welcome to veggie_girls community! My name is Bev, and I am a struggling, vegetarian wannabe. So I need help and advice, ideas, comments, recipes, from fellow struggling vegetarians, or vegetarians, or even vegans (as i am allergic to most diary products mainly milk and everything made from it). Please feel free to join here, and share your experiences.
Strengths: trying new recipes, inventing new recipes, trying new foods, cooking for people, making wonderful soups...
Weaknesses: eating what i really shouldn't be...
Special Skills: conjuering up something out of nothing!!!
Weapons: don't come near me when i have a cookimg implement in my hand!!!

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adapting recipes, cooking, creating new recipes, healthy food, learning about protein substitutes, low-fat food, mediterrean food, meeting new veggies, non-dairy produce, salads, sharing experiences, sharing recipes, trying new things